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INSTITUTION: Ecole Nationale Supérieure Mines-Télécom Lille Douai (IMT Lille Douai)
The Institute Mines Telecom (IMT) is the leading group of engineering and management schools in France. IMT includes 11 engineering schools with a total of 13,400 students (including 1,500 PhD students), and a research contract turnover of 100M€.
Among them, IMT Lille Douai, in close partnership with the University of Lille, develops high-level training and research in science and technology in four areas: computational sciences; process development for industry and services; energy and environment; materials and structures (including polymer and composite technology, and civil engineering).
The Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental Engineering (SAGE,, in French) of IMT Lille Douai has ongoing research activities focused on atmospheric chemistry, air quality and the impacts of human activities on atmospheric composition.  SAGE is currently composed of a staff of about 55 persons including 16 full-time faculty members.  
Research projects aim at a better understanding of the physical and chemical processes involved in the formation, transport and aging/ transformation of gaseous and particulate pollutants in the indoor and outdoor atmospheres.  
The SAGE Department is located in Douai, Northern France, very close to the Metropolitan area of Lille (20 min by train), which is itself only 60 minutes away from Paris, 30 minutes from Brussels and 90 minutes from London by train.
We invite applications for a new permanent full-time position at the Assistant Professor level in the area of atmospheric aerosols.  
Under the guidance and responsibility of the Head of the SAGE Department, the successful candidate should conduct the following missions/activities:  

  • Teaching (~25%)

- Teach undergraduate and graduate courses (from lab work to lectures) in the field of environmental sciences, general chemistry and/or process engineering

- Mentor and advise students, participate in internship defenses and project presentations, and develop new educational practices and pedagogies  

  • Research and technology transfer (~75%)

- Develop and lead research projects in partnership with other laboratories

- Master field and lab instrumentation and data analysis in relation with existing competencies in the reactivity and metrology of atmospheric pollutants - Introduce or develop complementary techniques for better characterization of aerosol properties

- Supervise technical staff, PhD students and postdoctoral scholars

- Publish results in refereed journals and present results at scientific conferences and meetings. 

- Prepare an “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” (which allows to directly supervise French PhD theses) 

- Ensure the promotion and development of the SAGE Department

- Participate to scientific networks in the research area of expertise

- Participate to the organization of scientific events   

The base salary is defined at the national level and based on the civil servant status. It will be adjusted for research experience. This position has telework options.
The successful candidate will be expected to:

- Demonstrate strong scientific qualifications in the area of atmospheric physics and/or chemistry, in particular linked to aerosol observation. An experience abroad relevant to these topics is highly recommended and field experience would be appreciated. 

- Demonstrate technical and scientific skills in aerosol mass spectrometry and data analysis by source-receptor modelling.

- Demonstrate good communication skills, along with an ability to work effectively and creatively as part of a research team.

- Be available to actively participate in field campaigns, and attend scientific working groups and networks, as well as national and international conferences. 

- Demonstrate ability or significant potential for teaching excellence in the graduate and undergraduate programs in French or English language, and a strong desire to develop teaching programs based on digital technologies.
The applicant will hold a PhD degree in atmospheric science with a strong expertise on aerosol measurements. He/she will demonstrate scientific rigor, a proven track record of international publications in leading conferences and journals, as well as organization and good interpersonal skills with faculty staff, technical engineers, students, etc. and other partners.
The required documents to apply for this position can be obtained by contacting:

Sandra ANDRZEJEWSKI – Phone: +33 (0)327 712 536 –  or by mail at:

IMT Lille Douai – Direction des Ressources Humaines – Site de Douai

941, rue Charles Bourseul – CS 10838

59508 DOUAI Cedex, France
Candidates selected for an interview will be informed rapidly. The interview can be held in English.
Deadline for applying: April 30th, 2018 Expected starting date: Fall 2018